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New Blog

My friend's pit bull, Isis, knows who the good guys are, and she loves the good guys.

My friend’s pit bull, Isis, knows who the good guys are, and she loves me as one of the good guys.

I’m starting a new blog here at WordPress. It’s not my first blog. I’ve had a few and I’ve blogged at politically-themed community blogs. Pretty much all of the blogging platforms I’d blogged on before, with the exception of Blogger, have been with providers who stopped supporting blogging technology. My Blogger blog is still up, but Blogger is owned by Google. Google is becoming incredibly intrusive into my personal online life to the point that I can’t do anything online without what I’m doing being connected to whatever else I’m doing online. I’m leaving Google and its subsidiaries as much as I can, then.

I had a blog, but Microsoft abandoned it too. Microsoft apparently bought up WordPress, or is at least using WordPress as it’s official blogging platform. I wished I’d paid attention to the warnings early enough to save the content before it got dropped.

At any rate, I’m starting from scratch. That’s okay. Most of my prior blog posts were about timely social or political events. Those posts could only have interest now for historical review. So I can start from scratch.

My first two blog posts (besides this one) will actually be new content from me. I will be doing book reviews back-to-back. I recently read one book and am also finished with another. I want to review the book I’m currently reading first, so the reviews will wait.